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Conferences and Events in Baltic States


Why LITHUANIA is one of the best choices for a conference?

Lithuania is EASILY ACCESSIBLE by air, land or sea:

  • it is the gateway between the East and the West,
  • there is only a short distance between its major attractions,
  • it is the centre of Europe,
  • it has three international airports.

Lithuania offers a rich array of MEETING VENUES:

  • parks,
  • manor houses,
  • museums,
  • theatres,
  • traditional countryside homesteads.

ALL YOUR NEEDS will be met by:

  • providing you with accommodation in the best hotels,
  • offering you the most suitable conference rooms for exclusive events,
  • offering  attractive prices,
  • providing excellent customer care.

Lithuania is a SECURE COUNTRY with which to collaborate with as it boasts:

  • innovative technologies,
  • high-speed wireless and broadband internet,
  • easy-to-use video and audio equipment,
  • high definition projectors,
  • excellent acoustics and lighting,
  • state-of-the-art screens,
  • top quality sound, simultaneous interpretation and discussion systems.

A rich assortment of entertainment ACTIVITIES ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

  • fly in a hot-air balloon,
  • try kite boarding,
  • try ice sailing,
  • relax and rest in natural surroundings.

Making a conference or event? Looking for incentive ideas? SVITE can help you. WE OFFER:

  • registration online and on-site;
  • packages for participants;
  • technical equipment;
  • pre- and post-meetings tours;
  • technical tours;
  • gala dinners;
  • incentives ideas;
  • professional organizers;
  • assistance, guides, interpreters.

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